13+ Amazing Uses For WD-40


A can of WD-40 is not just for car engines or doors that squeak your ears off. This substance is used by a lot of people on so many things that you might not even ever thought about some. Like protecting bird feeders from the hunger of squirrels or other pests. Did you see this option like a viable one with WD-40? Now you can! Use a short spray of this stuff for removing chewing gum from your hair or getting off any ring stuck on your fingers. Remember though, this stuff is not safe for inhaling! It’s useful for repealing insects if sprayed on door frames and windowsills. Find out what amazing purposes you could give this apparently simple can of spray. This collection will surely impress you and make your work around the home a whole lot easier. Make sure you check all of the ideas provided and if you find another great and useful thing to use it on or with, do share with the rest of the community.

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Reader’s Digest: 13+ Amazing Uses For WD-40

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