20+ Easy and Effective DIY Tricks for Gardening

11. Espaliering Fruit Trees creates a beautiful garden screen to enclose an outdoor room or shield neighbors’ prying eyes.


12.  Star Shaped Molds for Growing Vegetables and Fruits



more details here…

13. How to Grow Onions Vertically On The Windowsill

DIY-Tricks-for-Gardening-10 more details here…

14.  How To Grow 100 Pounds of Potatoes In a Barrel


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16. Melon and Squash Cradles

DIY-Tricks-for-Gardening-13 more details here…

17. How to Get More Fruit From your Home Orchard Trees DIY-Tricks-for-Gardening-14

more details here…

18. Star Shaped Molds for Growing Vegetables and Fruits


more details here…

19. Baby-shaped pears grow from trees in China



20. Use bottle tops as tiny greenhouses to get your seedlings to grow.


6 Responses to “20+ Easy and Effective DIY Tricks for Gardening”

  1. Murthy Varanasi. says:

    Ideas Out of the box. Mangoes in transparent containers may be a lot of work but worth trying. The extrusions are inviting.

  2. terry says:

    Baby shaped pears!!!! How on earth can you not recognize Buddha?

  3. Jessa says:

    I would love more details on #15 (growing seedlings) specfically on roses. And I found a lot of these really intreasting, I’d love another article!

  4. Donna says:

    Not fair to just have pictures and no details!!!

  5. Lisa says:

    Any suggestions on preventing raccoons & vermin from eating fresh corn on the cob?

  6. Rueben Dunfee says:

    some really good blog posts on this web site, appreciate it for contribution.

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