25 Brilliant Kitchen Storage Solutions

6. Organized Pantry (<< details)


7. Dinner Plate Cradle (<< details)


8. Under Shelf Jar Storage (<< details)



9. Vertical Storage Holds (<< details )

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10. Wine Rack Island


11. Clever Organizers: Can the Clutter


12. Under Cabinet Spice Rack (<< details)



13. Space Saving With A Kitchen In A Cupboard (<< details)



14. Kid-Safe Under the Cabinet Knife Drawer (<< details)



15. Undercounter Refrigerator (<< details)


14 Responses to “25 Brilliant Kitchen Storage Solutions”

  1. Beverly says:

    The kitchen storage solution with the jars lids screwed under a shelf is such a handy idea you can use it anywhere. My Dad used this type of storage solution in his workshop.
    With the plethora of attractive small jars available in dollars stores today you could easily do this in a kitchen so that it was attractive as well as useful.

    Blackboard type labels would make the jars even more versatile.

  2. billy says:

    did anyone else notice 1 and 8 are the same thing just different things in the jars

  3. paula says:

    how about some ideas for rentals?

  4. haris awais says:

    wow, corner drawers were amazing , i wish i could keep it at my home too

  5. Karen Hoyle says:

    check apartment tab above

  6. Charley Hopkins says:

    I’m going to renovate a lot of things in the kitchen this month and I’ll show that post to my wife, because I think that your creative ideas will help a lot to prevent the mess in the kitchen!

  7. Jackie says:

    These ideas are so awesome. I can’t wait to try some o them.

  8. B says:

    Notice in #26 that none of the pantry items (save the blender) are the same in the After picture as were in the Before picture. I guess a pantry lazy susan will eliminate one’s need for cereal and aluminum foil, allowing one to rely solely on canned goods and 2 liters.

  9. Random college graduate says:

    I dunno about them jars hanging like that.

  10. Joan says:

    ” Cabinets Made From Metal Barrels ” Do you buy these things or make them? i would like to have one in my kitchen. It’s really useful to keep all your dishes in a barrel.

  11. lawal says:

    This is really. Looking bam

  12. Henry David says:

    Awesome ideas!! I like Pull-Out Pantry Cabinet idea and I use it in my new kitchen..

  13. Avianti says:

    Very clever Ideas. I like to make more space in my kitchen, I’ll keep in my mind all these ideas. Thanks for sharing with us.

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