How To Make Cans And Wood Cutlery Holder


This cute and practical DIY project was made by Bianca Barreto an brazilian artista. She made this cutlery holder from upcycling materials, and can be perfect for a picnic or a barbecue. Also, this cutlery holder can be used for other purposes pretty fine. If you have kids, this project will be useful as a pencil holder. If you are a craftsman, can use as tool holders … If you love make up use it for separating brushes, eyeliner and other makeup… Everyone can find a way for using it!


You can make this in 8 steps:

1- Get 6 cans without lids and sand it to remove any burrs that may have left over when cutting the cover. Tip: Prefer taller cans as the cans of peeled tomatoes.
2-Paint cans inside and outside. Use the color you like and let it dry for one day. We used synthetic enamel paint. The synthetic enamel protects metal against moisture, preventing rust. You can use any other paint that goes with metal.
Tip: Insert your hand into the can and spin the can while you brush it outside. Put the can on the table lined with newspaper and brush inside. Alternatively, wait for the paint to dry outside to paint inside.
3- Choose a piece of wood and paint with synthetic enamel or other paint. Here we put a little white ink on the paint we used to paint the cans so tones are different. The wood is a little lighter than the cans. If you like the original color of the wood and cans, you do not need painting anything.”

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