Strawberry Blonde Sunflowers With Pink Gradient Petals Exist, They’re Absolutely Stunning

Sunflowers are beautiful and have a very playful look since they tend to be associated with summer and good vibes. But did you know that sunflowers can have various shades? They can also be pink or strawberry-blonde.

Florida Farmers are Selling Directly to Consumers to Avoid Produce Dumps

Because of the nation-wide quarantine, Florida farmers have been faced with a real challenge: tons of fresh produce that started rotting and were going to waste. Since their customer base is mainly comprised of restaurants, cruise ships, and theme parks which are all closed until ...

There’s A Clear Succulent Plant That Looks Like Tiny Opals

This succulent plant is quiet magnificent! Clear fat petals that look like small opals – absolutely beautiful. These succulents are a rare find. These tiny opal-like succulents are from the Haworthia family of succulents. Haworthia

These Succulent Plants Looks Like Little Hearts

  Succulents are all so tiny and adorable. But how much does their cuteness factor rise when they come with heart-shaped leaves? The answer will be obvious once you see the picture collection, featuring miniature succulents called Canophytum Bilobum Plant. They are a rare type ...

The Most Beautiful Flower Garden In The World Has No Visitors For The First Time In 71 Years

The context of COVID-19 created some peculiar moments and photographers around the world have been racing each other when it comes to capturing the perfect shot. Never before in modern history have we experienced streets so empty, parks so peaceful and nature so close to us in the ...

Jellyfish Succulents Will Transform Your Garden Into An Otherworldly Aquarium

This jelly fish hanging basket made of succulents is absolutely stunning. All it takes is two types of plants, and you too can create a one of a kind hanging basket that many have told us looks like a jellyfish! Take a look at a finished example and then watch as we try to recreate ...

How to start a Container Garden from Seed Easy! STEP by STEP grow vegetables plant organic

Easy Step by Step instructions for starting a container garden from seed. How to germinate vegetable seeds and when to plant outside. Grow organic indoors under lights in small pots. Where to buy gardening supplies.

See the Incredible Skeleton Flowers that Turn Translucent When it Rains

Have you ever heard of Skeleton Flowers? They are a type of woodland blossom that turns their petals transparent when coming in contact with water and the results are breathtaking. The flower’s scientific name is Diphylleia grayi and it is a

Earth Tower Vertical Garden: You can plant veggies, herbs, flowers, and it also has wheels!

Here’s an Earth Tower Vertical Garden: 4-sided Wooden Planter on Wheels that allows you to plant any type of garden in a small space by growing vertically! Its design allows your garden’s root system
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