Recycling Idea: Washing Machine Table

If you ever had the feeling your table was too dull for your taste, then the solution is to follow this example and transform an out of use washing machine, into an original coffee table. Designed by Marco Pisano, an Italian passionate about crafts, this old washing machine was brought ...

DIY Stemware Snow Globes

  There is an easy and interesting way you can have a fairytale Christmas and not spend nearly half of your month’s salary on mass-produced items. Instead, use that money on your loved ones, and make your own decorations. Start with these inexpensive DIY stemware snow globes.

14 Things You Can Clean With Lemon

When life gives you something to clean, don’t frown, use lemons! Beside the fact they leave a fresh smell, it’s the best natural replacement for industrial cleaners and disinfectants. Often thought of as nature’s Kleenex, lemons are used on and with a variety of things, from ...

DIY Unique Christmas Candle

You can’t imagine a complete New Year’s Eve holiday without a decorative candle. You can choose from the many versions the downtown shops or malls offer, but they often lack the spirit and personality of a homemade one. So, make your afternoon a little bit more entertaining with ...

DIY Pine Cone Christmas Tree

The next project it’s a beautiful DIY that fits perfectly in your home. In this time of the year, we all are looking for the most suitable decorations ideas. So, the next craft idea is easy, simple, and cheap. Pine Cone Christmas Tree!

DIY Waterless Snow Globes

Crafting a one-of-a-kind Christmas seems harder and harder as the years go by and inspiration runs out. Many of the holiday decorations out there seem to involve more and more expensive materials and extravagant styles. That’s why the homemade DIY version is the best method ...

DIY: Mosaic Ornaments from CDs

There is surely at least one CD you didn’t have any use for, but didn’t quite manage to throw it out. It’s cluttering your desk along other CDs you burned with music, when memory sticks and flash drives were just beginning to catch on. There’s an upside to all this. You can ...

DIY Plastic Bottles Flower Vase

Having a regular vase for your flowers is outdated. A vase made out of plastic bottles is a subject for discussion and inspiration alike. Here is an example of how you can transform 2 regular PET sodas into a couple of useful and cleverly crafted vases. You will need:

DIY Feather Christmas Tree

Here is a beautiful and creative Christmas tree idea. It’s easy to make, and so easy to move around – because is made from feathers! Make sure you have:
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