Clever Storage Using Recycled Cans


Have you ever thought about putting to good use every item you consume. Recycling is a way in which you ensure the environment is protected but it doesn’t allow you to enrich your home’s decor. Repurposing day-to-day items is the method in which you add value to the stuff that will eventually get thrown away in the dump. Today, we found a solution that will not only achieve that, but will also help you with organizing your stuff. We call them clever organizers. All you need for this DIY adventure is a sharp can opener and a bunch of different size cans. You can even leave the original labels on the cans if they match the rest of the design.


Put cans to good use by turning them into a rustic cooking utensil holder, hanged on a wooden board on the wall, next to your oven. If you think the kitchen is just fine, use cans together with magnets and glue to fashion little handy containers for kids’ markers, crayons and tiny toys. In a similar way, your own drawers could use a little help. Categorize all of your clips, ties, bands and other junk in some cleverly cut cans. Also, organizing the accessories from your closet can be very simple if you use a few soup cans wrapped tightly together and hanged next to your normal hangers. With everything sorted out inside, take the whole adventure outdoors, where the cans can be used to successfully keep weeds out of the seeds.

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