How to Make a Coffee Table from Wine Crates


As we all know, a new coffee table is quite expensive, so today will show a solution that with a little skill and creativity you can do it yourself. There are several options for materials, but depending on the table size, you can choose pallets or wine crates. If you choose wine crates follow the steps below … and belive me you can create a very atractive coffee table …

What you will need:

  • 4 Wooden Crates
  • 2 1x2x6 planks of recycled pallet
  • 4 Caster Wheels
  • Screws
  • Screw Driver
  • Stain or Paint your choice
  • Satin Polyurethane


How to make it:

1. Stain or paint the crates and let them dry.
2. Create a frame with planks, bringing them together with nails, as in the photo. Secure the cross in the middle to the frame using L brackets. This will be the base of your table.
3. Arrange the crates and nail them to the frame. Don’t worry about the hole in the middle. We’ll take care of it in the next step.
4. Measure the dimensions of the hole, cut two pieces from the planks to fit and screw into place on the sides and bottom.
5. Flip the construction upside down and screw a wheel at each corner.
6. Fill the hole in the middle with stones, pebbles or a decorative plant and enjoy your brand new coffee table!



 Source DIY Vintage Chic

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75 Responses to “How to Make a Coffee Table from Wine Crates”

  1. Richard says:

    Nice little project using simple and available materials. i was wondering about a source for the wine crates. Obviously they are brand new and available. Where did you find them?

  2. melanie segalla says:

    LOVE THIS! Totally going to make it!!

  3. Debi says:

    Yes, I would like to know where to find whine crates too?

    • Jacki says:

      These crates you can find at any Michael’s, A.C. Moore or craft type stores.

    • Karen H. says:

      “WHINE” crates? Probably ask Barry Obama, he whines like a two year old all the time when he doesn’t get his “whey.”

      • Lori says:

        First you should learn how to spell then find out his REAL name if you’re going to criticize him.

        • NObama says:

          @ Lori – This is America moron. We can criticize anyone, including Libtards such as yourself. Just because you love Dear Leader and his Communist agenda, doesn’t mean we have to. Up yours

          • K. Stealey says:

            Nobama – what a delightfully well-reasoned (and well-punctuated) reply. You will certainly get bonus points at Saturday’s Tea Party meeting when you show your friends how you were able to work in that tired old made-up “libtards” term. To say nothing of the Commie reference – now that was brilliant (if not original). But then, not much of what you people have to say is original, being as how you just parrot (or is it “ditto”?) your talk radio and Fox heroes. Finally, super extra bonus points for “moron” and “up yours.” Genius! By the way, do you kiss your Mother with that mouth?

        • Jeff says:

          @ Lori: He’s used so many, it’s sometimes difficult to keep them straight. As a point-of-fact, “Barry” is a nickname that he went by, up until partway through college, at which time he changed to using his formal name, “Barack”. Karen’s use of “whey” was simply a joke; a play on the use of “whine”, at the beginning of her post.

          I suggest you lighten up a bit before you give yourself an ulcer. Obamacare won’t cover it!

        • Jeff says:

          @ Lori: Now go play somewhere else, so I can get back to cleaning my guns before the Obamapocalypse starts!

          • K. Stealey says:

            Jeff – as made-up, juvenile, disparaging terms go, “Obamapocalypse” ranks right up there! I hope you got credit for it at the Tea Party Meeting! I mean, it’s a doozie! You must be so proud of yourself. Especially because you found a way to insert it (along with your gun-nut shout-out!) on a site dedicated to home design. I mean, that had to take some doing! Most people on this site are just harmlessly looking for ideas to spruce up their homes. Simple, sweet, Americans just killing a few minutes on the old internet. Then – boom! Here comes Jeff and friends with their politics and bitterness! With guns, no less! Wow! I give you credit for finding a way to spoil even this innocent pasttime. Haters gotta hate, I guess.

        • Jennifer Schenk says:

          You mean barrack Hussein OLAMA? the muslim wanna be? got it!

          • K. Stealey says:

            Oh, Jennifer – I get it! It took me a minute. I was reading “O-lama” – like a misspelling of “llama.” As if you were thinking “Oh, look – a llama!” but it would take too long to say all that if you were really looking at a llama, so you would say “O! Llama!” But then I realized that it was a reply to someone so consumed with hatred and bitterness that she had to vomit it out all over this sweet little home goods website. And it dawned on me (SMH!) – Jennifer has created yet another disparaging name for the President! Awesome. it took another minute, but I’m guessing you are trying to incorporate “lame” into the President’s name? If that’s the case, well, I bow to your cleverness. I hope you get your “creating new words” badge at the next Tea Party meeting. Because, girl – you’ve earned it! Plus, you managed to dredge up the whole, debunked muslim issue. Brilliant! (Dated, but brilliant!)

      • Jennifer Schenk says:

        Karen…I just read your comment…thanks for making me laugh!

      • K. Stealey says:

        Yes, it’s America and you are free to spew petty hateful nonsense all day long. What’s puzzling is why people like you are so consumed with rage that you can’t even visit a sweet little homegoods site like this one without somehow finding a way to disparage the President. Isn’t is exhausting to never take a break from your bitterness? It can’t possibly be healthy to obsess constantly over something you can’t control or change. You’re allowing this to poison your soul – for heaven’s sake – get over it. Move on. Take a nap. Take a laxative. Get laid. Turn off Fox and Limbaugh for a day. Hell – build this wine crate coffee table. Do something to distract yourself from the fact that your guy didn’t win the election. It’s not the end of the world.

        • Kathy says:

          Folks……I thought this was about building a nice coffee table.

        • D. Del Valle says:

          Well said, K. Stealey! Negativity is such a waste of personal energy – these people need to find some way to express themselves to better our world, not add to the chaos!

        • fred says:

          k.stealey you need to hear this about Obama care. I have major medical (life threating) issues,. I HAD GREAT medical coverage until dec 2013 when I was drop by my company ( lie #1) . now under his law I will be paying 500 dollars more a month than I make a month(lie # 2 as affordable care). I do not qualify for any help or and type of reduced price because I have a decent paying job .my6 meds now cost me 2 times as much and I have to have a 10,000 detectable now instead of 1000 before I get a break on my med bills.if you think he is so great explain to me how myself and the old people are to survive now under his reign ( im 50 b,t.w). Im sooo glad that you love him for killing me and the older folks now under his new law as we can not afford meds or doctor and er visits. im soooo glad you must either be in very health or have great med coverage as you can sit and defend him like that ,well let me tell you something I hope you don’t fall on any bad issues that you end up with us with one foot in the grave ( or will you be one of his supporters that willfilling in our graves. have a nice life ,stay healthy and god bless you ( not alia as we lived and will die in America)

      • K says:

        And your political comment has what to do with coffee tables? Seriously.

      • LP says:

        I apparently need to be reminded how this DIY site has become a personal-political attack over a misspelled word. Seriously?? I’m certainly tired of all the hate filled, fascist, racist, gun hating, anti-government points of view. You “people” use these project pages to express your political points of view?? Have you not learned that this country will run itself into the ground no matter what salesperson you vote into office?
        Keep your political points of view off the pages geared toward us real hardworking citizens.

      • Kym says:

        What does this have to do with making a coffee table?

  4. I also want to know where to get wine crates? Thank you

  5. Jennifer Tate says:

    I found these crates available at my local Homedepot for less than $8 a piece. I use them for everything from organizing the trunk of my car to organizing things in my closet like purses and things. I also use them in my office to store school supplies for my kids photo albums and keeping my binders straight. This table idea ROCKS!!

  6. Christine says:

    great idea …

  7. Wendy Barbe says:

    Fantastic. Off to buy four crates of wine !!

  8. Steve says:

    I’m a little confused. What size is the frame? How do you piece them together? How do you make the inset container? These instructions seam a little light.

    • Kym says:

      If you actually read the instructions, you’ll find your answers.

    • Janel says:

      Another thing you can do that I found on another page, is instead of making a frame, use a piece of plywood in place size all depending how big your crates are. No hassle of making the frame for the bottom, and just as much support.

    • Janel says:

      Another thing you can do that I found on another page, is instead of making a frame, use a piece of plywood in place, size all depending how big your crates are. No hassle of making the frame for the bottom, and just as much support.

  9. Steve says:

    Not to mention what size screws? What kind?

  10. Nora says:

    Can anyone pls tell me the dimensions of a wooden crate, pls any recommendations for a good seller in UK or Europe 🙂

    • Mike in California says:

      A standard crate in cm is 23.5 (height) x 30 (width) and the slats that hold the ends are 1 x 5 x 46 (you’ll need 13, four on the sides and 5 for the bottom. Do you live near a winery? They may be able to source them for you. If not, make them yourself! : ) A DIY project if you can get the wood and tacks to nail it together. For the handles, you will need a drill with a wood bit that will open a hole for a saber, jig, reciprocating saw. A router would help round the hard edge. If not, a lot of sanding! : (

  11. Hazel says:

    AWESOME IDEA!!! My friend and I are gonna make this for her house! Thanks

  12. Donna says:

    I don’t understand how anything as simple as a homemade coffee table can ellicit a bunch o political yammer & putpeople down. Everyone has their own beliefs, are entitled to them, & no way should be cursed or judged, for those or any other beliefs they may have.
    This is NOT political forum!!!

  13. Ibiza says:

    It’s a wonderful idea! I would like to know if the sizes are in centimeters or inches?


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    What web host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host?
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  15. Norma Rae says:

    Did anyone think of checking out your local liquor/wine store for the crates?

  16. Wilbert Klakowicz says:

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  18. Endre says:

    my company produces large quantities
    of wooden wine crates.

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    You can find more details on our web page.

  19. Eram Tariq says:

    Being a Muslim housewife, in an Islamic country can this adorable idea be attained by some other type of crates instead of just wine or wooden planks are the only solution…!!!

  20. Winepine says:

    Hey guys. I know a lot of you are asking about where to find wine crates. Feel free to visit There’s a large selection of different kinds, and they’re delivered fast to your door.

  21. Shella Skarphol says:

    So sorry you may miss the workshop!

  22. Autumn says:

    Anyone know how many cans of the stain or poly is needed to cover the crates?

  23. Robin Duonola says:

    I was looking through some of your posts on this site and I believe this website is real informative ! Keep on posting .

  24. Janeth Harlin says:

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  25. Physed says:

    Where do you get the pallet to make the base.

  26. Rajesh Sharma says:

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  27. Sadhana Mondal says:

    I totally agree that wine are more common than ever and a very recognised things.your article is very good.thanks for sharing this.

  28. Jerri says:

    You can also use a piece of plywood for the base.

  29. Kym says:

    Where can I get the pallet for the base?

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  32. Vanessa says:

    can somebody tell me, where i can buy the crates in germany?

  33. Kimberly says:

    I got some heavy wooden crates from our local Kroger store. They were sitting out back by the dumpsters. I went in and asked about them and they let me take them for free! I got at dozen of them. Can’t wait to create this for my deck!

  34. Internetiai aukcionai says:

    I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back later. All the best

  35. Susette says:

    Does anyone know why ‘pinterest” will not allow an add to this on my pinterest page? I says It may contain inappropriate content. Really??! They are getting as bad a FB!

  36. Barbara says:

    no option for pinning this brilliant idea?

  37. Gerri says:

    Help, I’ve been informed and I can’t become igoarnnt.

  38. Paula says:

    Hello- This is a beautiful table. Do you have a cut list for this project?
    Thank you!

  39. Anika says:

    Love this idea!! So simple and such great impact!

  40. 10HighTech says:


    This coffee table is awesome!!!! I’m going to do the same:-)
    Would you write me dimensions of boxes in centimeters please? 🙂
    Great idea!

  41. LocalService says:

    such an amazing site!

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