Diy Copper Fence To Keep Snails Away From Tomato Plants

Gardening is such a great activity; it helps boost your immunity and you can also have fresh products at home all year round. But every experienced gardener knows that snail and slugs present a threat to your plants, especially if you are growing tomatoes.
To keep these destructive pests away and avoid using harmful pesticides, you can apply this clever trick of installing a copper fence. Instead of using poison, you can avoid killing the snails and simply keeping them at distance and your tomatoes safe.

The fence can be made very quickly at home, as you’ll only need two copper tapes and fix them in place around your raised garden. Then you’ll have to connect the strings to a nine-volt battery. If you don’t know which type of copper wire to use, the video advises that bare or none-insulated copper works best.

To make sure that all the snails and slugs are gone as far away from your garden as they can watch the video tutorial for more tips and tricks about how and where to place the copper fence.


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