DIY Paper Yarn Lamp


Some decorations are so lovely and you would want to improve the interior design of the living room, office, or bedroom, but the price-tag is just too much. That’s why a DIY solution is always preferable. If you like a minimalistic design, here is an awesome project for you. Follow the instructions below to find out how you too can make a designer paper yarn lamp. Grab this list of items:

• a 2.5 L PET bottle;
• some paper yarn;
Mod Podge; or ( Make your own Mod Podge)
• a pair of scissor;
• a 1-inch foam brush;
• masking tape;
• a small saw;
• a few rubber bands;
• a pendant lighting arrangement;


Is a simple DIY project, all you need to do is to follow the steps with attention. To see the full tutorial of Designer Paper Yarn Lamp, follow the link below! Congratulations, you have made your own stylish lamp out of paper yarn!


Designer Paper Yarn Lamp – 6 Steps..

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  1. Fredrika says:


    Kolla vilka fräna lampor!

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