DIY Strawberry Pallet Planter


Do you have so many strawberry plants but don’t actually have an idea how to use them to improve your garden design? There is a creative way you can do exactly that, and also be in trend and don’t spend much money: a pallet planter. Although it looks like a complex job, it’s actually fun to make this planter from an unused pallet, you will see. But enough with the chatter, here is the list of necessary items:

• 6 or 9 planks pallet;
• long screws;
• drill and screwdriver bit;
• (optional) wood paint;

Take a pallet and cut it into 3 same-size pieces. Do they look like the ones in the image? If not, remove any excess wood. Now, take the two end pieces of your freshly cut pallet and fix them on the middle part, so this last piece will act like the base of the planter from now on. Put the screws in from bottom-up. Doing the first cut will result into 3 – 4 cube and plank pieces; they should have come from the middle part of the pallet. Separate these pieces into blocks and planks. Create the sides and feet using the planks (and very long screws) and the feet (which will help with drainage) from the blocks. Finally, you could use a non-toxic wood paint to give a special look to the pallet.

Strawberry-Pallet Planter-2

Strawberry-Pallet Planter-3

Strawberry-Pallet Planter-4

3 Responses to “DIY Strawberry Pallet Planter”

  1. Elizabeth Philpot says:

    Lovely idea want to learn more

  2. Tim prest says:

    Will this work with raspberries?

  3. Sylvia Trainor says:

    Tat’s a wonderful idea! I will have to try this for myself. Thanks for sharing!! 😉

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