Extremely Rare Quadruple Rainbow Captured Over New York

Have you ever heard of a quadruple rainbow? If not, then there is no worry as they are very rare, and such a phenomenon happens only occasionally. But a very lucky New Yorker managed to capture such a rainbow on camera and shared the inspiring picture on social media platforms.
One early morning in 2015, while waiting for her train to work, Amanda Curtis noticed the quadruple rainbow over the Long Island skyline. Curtis is the owner of an online marketplace for indie fashion designers, called the Nineteenth Amendment, and thought that this beautiful image can inspire her co-workers, so she took a shot of it. At first, many accused her that it’s a hoax and she Photoshopped the rainbows on the image, but quadruple rainbows like this are still a real phenomenon. Rainbows occur when sunlight hits droplets of water in the air and when the reflected light is reflected for a second time, a double rainbow is born.
Raymond Lee, a meteorologist at the US Naval Academy in Maryland confirmed the existence of double and quadruple rainbows. Curtis managed to witness such an amazing moment and luckily, she had enough time to capture it for posterity too.


2 Responses to “Extremely Rare Quadruple Rainbow Captured Over New York”

  1. Rob says:

    Interesting but fake. According tonthe laws of physics, multiple rainbows MUST be concentric. These are not.

  2. Rob says:

    Interesting. I posted a comment proving this HAS TO be a fake, and it has not appeared. I wonder why?

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