Old Farmer’s Almanac: Californian’s Should Brace Themselves for a Cold Winter


The Old Farmer’s Almanac, a publication as old as time and with a rich history dating back to 1792, has become a reliable source of weather predictions and agricultural advice. Its traditional methods of forecasting, including astronomical observations, weather patterns, and folklore, have garnered a loyal following over the centuries. As we look ahead to winter, the Almanac is forecasting a cold and wet season for California, diverging from the state’s typical Mediterranean climate. This prediction is likely to capture the attention of farmers, residents, and businesses alike, as it could have significant implications for agriculture, water resources, and daily life across the region.

If the Old Farmer’s Almanac’s forecast proves accurate, California residents may need to brace themselves for a departure from the milder winters they are accustomed to. A cold and wet winter could impact everything from outdoor activities to transportation, and it may also have consequences for agriculture, affecting crops and farming practices. The accuracy of the Old Farmer’s Almanac predictions has often been a topic of debate, but its historical track record and reliance on a combination of scientific and traditional methods make its forecasts intriguing and worth considering as residents and businesses prepare for the coming winter. The Almanac also notes that its forecasts have proved to be 80% accurate since 1972.

Two palm trees are backdropped by snow-covered mountains, March 1, 2023, in Hesperia, California. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)


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