Fukushima water release could change human DNA, Greenpeace warns

Greenpeace warns about the dangers of contaminated water coming from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, which should be released soon and poses an extreme threat to the environment.

The 1.23 million metric tons of water containing radioactive carbon is now stored at the plant and is residual water from the nuclear plant disaster that happened in 2011.

The release of such an amount of waste will have an irreversible impact on the environment and health of local communities that get in touch with it. The water was used to cool fuel cores during the Fukushima disaster, but now the plant is running out of storage space and is looking for ways to dispose of the waste.



The environment minister of Japan has stated that the only solution the authorities could think of was to release the water into the ocean but Greenpeace and other environmentalist groups warn of life-changing consequences, such as the impact on the fishing industry and even potential damage to human DNA.

Because of the large amount of radioactive material found in the wastewater at the Fukushima plant, the harm that it can cause to human health is at a cellular level. When looking deeper into the problem, unfortunately, there is no solution that doesn’t come with potential environmental dangers, so it is the Japanese government’s responsibility to find the optimal solution.

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  1. Charles says:

    Boil the water to vapor while filtering said vapors this will help to trap the large contaminants, repeat and release!!

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