Japanese Style: Kotatsu Heated Tables


Lounging in your bed is quite difficult when you also have to do stuff. Eating as well as working at your laptop while you’re sitting comfortable and warm under your blanket is not that easy in your bed. Luckily, Japan has an innovative alternative: the Kotatsu Heated Tables. As you can easily see from the pictures, the system is very clever, offering you the possibility to sit in your sofa, be warm and comfortably working or lounging all at the same time. The system is composed by a low wooden table frame covered by a futon or heavy blanket, upon which a table top sits. The electric heater is positioned underneath it. Take a look at the images to get a better understanding of how all things work.







kotatsu-heated-tables-7 Image credits: Belle Maison

kotatsu-heated-tables-8 image credits: Hamamatsu Kamera Tsuushin

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  1. starlett drspain says:

    Really caught my interest!Love to see more.I still
    didn’t see the coke can Heater.Would like to see it again

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