Stylish and Modern Furniture Collection: Sento+Select by Sudbrock

This elegant and practical furniture collection called “Sento+Select” comes from Sudbrock with smart storage ideas that can be applied to a large variety of modern interiors. Here, we have some of these minimalist designs, which would fit perfectly in the hallway or foyer. A good thing about this practical furniture set is that one can choose the items and combine them in the best possible way for your apartment. Consisting of an elegant mirror, tasteful wooden drawers and original shelving systems, the collection can serve as both an aesthetics-enhancement “tool” and a practical solution for everyday utensils. Wallet, sunglasses, mobile phone and laptop are quickly stored awaiting their next use. Shoes, jackets and coats as well as all other accessories find room in the shoe cupboard and on the wall hooks.

2 Responses to “Stylish and Modern Furniture Collection: Sento+Select by Sudbrock”

  1. modern furniture says:

    The idea used in 1st pick of placing shoes beneath the dressing table is fantastic!!I love the pair of sneakers under that.

  2. Kirsten says:

    Where can I purchase 🙁

  3. Revolve Furnishings says:

    Wow! This is awesome. All collection is looking very beautiful and idea behind everyone is really appreciable. Thank a lot. Keep up The Work.

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