Stylish Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Vanity


When barns or other rural structures go out of use, they are left to decade and not put to good use. This beautiful piece of furniture shows just how impressive the result of reusing salvaged wood can be. The bathroom vanity piece called The Rusted Nail Bath is handcrafted from genuine reclaimed wood from Georgia, US. Besides the barnwood top, it has 2 doors and 3 drawers, all fitted with pulls and hinges which are Hickory Hardware finished. You can definitely improve the look of your bathroom with such an exquisite piece. Browse through the pictures and imagine how nice it will look in your home.


1. The Rusted Nail Bathroom Vanity Rusted-Nail-Bath-room-Vanity-1

Rusted-Nail-Bath-room-Vanity-2 more details here…

2. Idaho Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Vanity Reclaimed-Wood-Bathroom-Vanity

Reclaimed-Wood-Bathroom-Vanity-1 more details here…

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