How To Make A Letter Planter

Searching for a simple yet creative idea with which to improve the look of your front door area? With the next DIY project, upgrading the aesthetics of your home’s outdoor couldn’t be easier. Building a large letter planter will in the end attract attention and positive ...

Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces

Working at home seems to be on the rise ever since the emergence of the economic boom caused by the internet. Now, you probably have at least one friend that uses the home also for activities usually reserved for the office. Making the house suitable for office work is not an intricate ...

DIY: A Love Message In An Egg [video]

You can’t find a considerate gift you can give to your loved one? The search is over, because we have this creative idea you can implement in a matter of minutes. Here is how you can make a love message in an egg. First, grab the following items:

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries Recipe

When I first saw these bite-size appetizers, I was amazed! A simple yet so creative idea will surely improve the level of fun at your event or party. Just make sure there are plenty of these little delicious treats around. In order to make Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries for yourself

Space Saving Furniture Cupboard with Table and Chairs

When you’re confronted with saving as much space in your home as you can, there are no wild solutions. Every creative idea is welcomed and happily implemented! And the Ludovico set is as creative as they get. Claudio Sibille, an Uruguayan industrial designer come up with the ...

Creative Idea For Your Cat – DIY Cat Tent

I found a great idea for cat lovers, how to make a cat tent in 3 steps. It’s easy, and no cutting or sewing machine. All you need is an old T shirt and two hangers as in image.

Creative Family Birthday Board Idea

I found this creative idea to keep track of birthdays .. that can be a perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, or simply as a gift for yourself for your own home item. This sign has Family’s birthday’s listed as hanging tags with name and day hung under the appropriate ...

Creative Idea for Your Kitchen: Christmas Fridge Magnets

After I posted on facebook this wonderful picture with these two “brothers”, many of our friends have sent us messages, because they want more information about these magnets that giving an winter and holyday atmosphere in our house. Thus, we sought magnets to give everyone ...
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