This Village of 103 Tiny Homes it Is Officially California’s Largest Homeless Facility

Each unit is 64 square feet!

Homelessness is still a pressing issue in modern times, and one that can be solved only by finding a collective solution inside the community it affects.
The state of California has been trying to end homelessness for a long time without any substantial progress, but they seem to be a step closer to reducing the suffering of a handful of people. To handle the Los Angeles homelessness crisis, a village of tiny homes opened recently in North Hollywood.
The village is called the Alexandria Park Village and is comprised of 103 units which come in all sorts of colors from blue to pink and yellow. The shelter can host 207 people and it is the largest tiny house facility in the state and also the most cheerful looking one.

The purpose of these homes is to create a temporary home for people who are forced to live on the streets, hosting them for 4-6 months until they find a permanent home.
The tiny units are all equipped with 2 beds, heat, air conditioning, and the shelter also offers different services, such as mental health services, counseling, and job placement. This is such a great initiative that will hopefully be replicated in even more states to finally end the suffering of a large percentage of Americans.

The new Tiny Homes community at Alexandria Park in Council District 2 will be able to house 200 people. Mayor Garcetti and Councilmember Krekorian say that this supportive housing for the homeless will also provide resources that will help with transitioning them into permanent housing.

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  1. Joseph Shaw says:

    Homelessness is an indictment of us, not homeless people.

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