Tiny Happy Homes


The wooden tiny home featured here is only 8×20′ but it packs all that you want from a large-sized building. As you can see from the pictures, the couple living in the home has every bit of comfort you would normally expect in a modern house. This was achieved with thoughtful interior design and attention to the inhabitants needs. The decor was carefully chosen as to not extenuate the eye, so neutral accents can be found throughout. The living space extends into the kitchen, who maintains the same color scheme and modern feel. The sleeping arrangements are positioned upstairs where you can climb up to after a hard day. Browse the images provided and be amazed of what good architecture and creative design…










3 Responses to “Tiny Happy Homes”

  1. Jackilyn Clady says:

    little TOO small for me

  2. Mary McNeill says:

    You’ve done a lovely job. Great way to go for young people. I’m to old to climb those ladders!

  3. Zoraida Rowe says:

    I need information on how to finance a completed tiny home.

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