Upcycling Console TV


Looking at TV suddenly brought you memories from childhood, when you first laid eyes on that big console TV from your old living room? If you want to bring back that feeling but don’t necessarily want to change the pleasant quality of your HD flat screen TV, take the opportunity to upcycle and repurpose vintage console TV’s.
The retro is back in trend and your once outdated console TV is now making headlines. But not as what they were original intended to do. People are showing great ingenuity as they turn big-heavy console TV’s into fish tanks, accent lamps, bars, or pet beds. It’s not even a problem if you don’t own one. Just make a trip to your local TV graveyard, you’ll find plenty there. Select the one that matches your idea. Be creative and make the perfect vintage bookshelf, window display, or groovy seat.
You’ll have fun making one as well as presenting it to your friends and guests.








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  1. garnetics.com says:

    This TV, I have long passed for recycling, but your idea is really cool and deserves to live! Very creative.

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