Wood fired Pizza Oven made with an exercise ball for $135

Step 3: Finish detail on dome top





Step 4: Bottom Floor Mold



8 Responses to “Wood fired Pizza Oven made with an exercise ball for $135”

  1. Ron says:

    Where did you get the stainless wire

  2. Stefanie Huguet says:

    Love it! I made mine from clay, I lived in Georgia. I now live in Louisiana and want to build another one. Mine was much smaller, I never thought about using an exercise ball for a form. Looks like I will be finding one for a new oven. Thanks.

  3. Garnizé says:

    Great project, how can I get a copy of it? I thought it was beautiful and I would like to make one in my backyard. Thank you

    Excelente projeto, como posso adquirir uma cópia dele? Achei lindo e gostaria de fazer um no meu quintal. Obrigado

  4. Julian says:

    Great design, I will soon be working on my base then I will be following your design. I wonder if using wire mesh over the ball would help in keeping the mix from sliding down.

  5. momir says:

    To srbi uzidaju punom ciglom, malterom od blata uz pomoc 1 eksera i jednog komadica kanapa. Bez filozofije.. prirodno…

  6. John Dicks says:

    Very interesting build! Do you have any details written down for first timers? Things like:
    1. Quantity of each ingredient,
    2. Dimensions of the “mouth”,
    3. Overall weight of molded oven. 4. How you measured & made the floor.
    4. Did you line the bottom over or under the oven bricks?
    5. Where is the heat source located & installed?
    Thank you for the photos! I’ve been wanting to build one but not certain of the details. I don’t want to break my oven turning it over to design the floor.


    Send me the vídeo of spa pool step by step

  8. Lon Simmons says:

    Can you provide quantity/Mix ratio of ingredients?

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