Yard Tool Rack

These racks are built by our 16 year old son and all profits go towards his college fund. All purchases are greatly appreciated! This is available in the link below…

All Racks sold in pairs.

Do you have a cluttered shed and garage? These racks will help you clean it up and make it look great!

We offer five sizes

2 foot- 3 Slots
3 foot- 5 Slots
4 foot- 7 Slots
5 foot- 9 Slots
6 foot- 11 Slots

Find it HERE…

5 Responses to “Yard Tool Rack”

  1. Sal smith says:

    I’m interested in the yard tool rack, would you send me more information ?
    Thank you.

  2. Bill Ramsell says:


    This is a wonderful idea. Could you send me price and shipping information for the 5 foot and 6 foot models, and shipping to Lakeside, Montana (59922)?



  3. Mike Severino says:

    I’d like to buy a yard tool rack. Please send me info on how to buy the 5 and 6 foot models.


  4. Rhonda nation says:

    I’m very interested in 5&6 ft also. Thanks

  5. Kim Galey says:

    Could I get pricing and how to purchase information please

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