20 Clever Ways To Turn Old Jeans Into New Masterpieces

6. How To Make A Teddy Bear From Old Jeans


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7. Denim Pencil Bags


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8.. Sweet Salvation: Upcycled Denim Placemat


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9. An Upcycled Sewing Pattern for Denim Pockets


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10.  Wine Bag Repurpose – from pant legs to wine bags

Turn-Old-Jeans-Into-New-Masterpieces-9 more details here…

5 Responses to “20 Clever Ways To Turn Old Jeans Into New Masterpieces”

  1. Dennis Reynolds says:

    I like several of these ideas !

  2. keren humphrey says:

    where’s instructions for denim flip flops?

  3. Cherrie Mckinstry says:

    I made a bluesman quilt back in 1979. I also covered an office chair that the plastic vinyl covering was peeling off. Put pockets on the back of the back rest. Then made a bluesman clothes pin bag from a pair of kids jeans. Also a braided rug which I need to finish the one I made recently. I used to use the old double knit slacks for rugs too. Very durable.

  4. Cherrie Mckinstry says:

    I especially liked the Christmas stocking. Grocery carriers, car organizers and cooler covers to insulate from the sun are other ideas.
    Did someone say denim flipflops?

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