DIY Candy Christmas Cardstock Tree [VIDEO]

Small decorative Christmas trees are hard to find, especially when everybody is shopping for the finest ones in preparation for the holidays. Instead of shopping, make one instead this year. Be inspired by this example of Candy Christmas Cardstock Tree to design your own special decoration. ...

DIY 3D Christmas Ornament

If you’re tired of the boring same old template of a snowflake people and designers alike have been feeding us all these years, try to make this 3D felt ornament model instead. It will bring an art ambiance and contemporary feeling to your homestead. The curves and the Ogee

DIY Christmas Crackers Cottage

If you don’t have any idea what to put on the Christmas table you are in luck. With this sweet example of homemade house of cookies, you can easily surprise your family and guests. Take a look at what are the necessary steps and in a matter of time, you will be ready for your ...

DIY Cozy Sweater Slippers

If you ever want to throw your old sweater away, think again. There are many other uses for it then lying around in a garbage dump. For instance, you can make a cozy pair of slippers from it. With a little bit of creativity there is no limit on how this DIY project can turn out. You ...

DIY Christmas Ribbon Wreath

Decorating your home for Christmas is one of the best challenges a DIY enthusiast can ask for. This year, explore the field of decorations by making your own Christmas ribbon wreath. The necessary steps are easy and you only need:

Useful And Handy Uses Of Salt

Salt isn’t just for your food. Yes, many people use it to flavor their dinner, but there are plenty ways that salt can come to help you. Salt comes in very handy for a bunch of reasons:

Christmas Eve Cake

If you want your Christmas to be a bit more special this year, then you should try making a homemade cake. It’s easy and you can start a delicious yearly tradition, which will be mentioned around the block until New Year’s Eve. The advantage of these types of cakes (Christmas cakes) ...

Recycling Idea: Washing Machine Table

If you ever had the feeling your table was too dull for your taste, then the solution is to follow this example and transform an out of use washing machine, into an original coffee table. Designed by Marco Pisano, an Italian passionate about crafts, this old washing machine was brought ...

DIY Stemware Snow Globes

  There is an easy and interesting way you can have a fairytale Christmas and not spend nearly half of your month’s salary on mass-produced items. Instead, use that money on your loved ones, and make your own decorations. Start with these inexpensive DIY stemware snow globes.
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