How To Build A Geodesic Chicken Dome


The geodesic dome as the portable coop might be also known – can be built by yourself, although the process might be more complex than your usual coop. In order to complete this DIY adventure watch the video tutorial from this article. The next video contains step by step instructions on how to build a 16 foot 2 Frequency Geodesic Dome using PVC Pipe, Zip Ties, and our unique Hub Locking system. Also, you can buy a 20 ft Geodesic Dome, easy to assemble shipped direct from Sunrise Domes! It’s your choice…more details in the next page…


Geodesic-Chicken-Coop-2 Geodesic-Chicken-Coop-3




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  1. Ange DiBenedetto says:

    I want to build a small geodesic dome in my backyard do you recommend a kit that is just easy to assemble with Friends working together. I don’t have a Lotta tools but I can put things together

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