Ethylene gas produced by apples will stop potatoes from sprouting

Did you know that some fruits and vegetables have a positive impact on each other when stored together? It is also the case with apples and potatoes, which can live in perfect symbiosis. So to preserve these foods for longer, you should find a place outside the fridge and store them together.
The discovery was made by Jihyun Ryou, a Design Academy Eindhoven graduate who created the Save Food from the Fridge project.
Some foods do not preserve well in the fridge, and Ryou wants to raise awareness on this matter and help people around the world reduce food waste.

When placing apples near potatoes, the ethylene gas produced by the apples will stop the sprouting process in the potatoes. Finding a dry space in which these can be stored, can prolonge their freshness.

Ryou also discovered that root vegetables can be best preserved if they are kept vertically, and contrary to belief, she advises storing eggs outside of the fridge as well. Since eggshells absorb the odor of other foods, keeping the eggs outside of the fridge will ensure they keep their original flavor.

Storing root vegetables vertically keeps them fresher longer. (The glass funnel is used to keep the sand moist.)

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