Semi-Transparent Solar Cells Can Power Greenhouses Without Stunting Plant Growth

A new study on solar-powered greenhouses presents great prospects for the future of eco-friendly farming. Researchers have tested greenhouses with semi-transparent solar cells to see how they impact the growth of the plants. By generating electricity through these cells, the energy ...

Center City restaurant Harper’s Garden grows outdoor dining setup with private greenhouses

The pandemic has forced a lot of businesses to close or to get more creative with their setups, so they can accommodate customers in a safe environment. A restaurant in Philly thought about a creative way of decorating its outdoor space and built small outdoor private greenhouses ...

10+ Greenhouses Made From Old Windows and Doors

Here’s a great idea. By upcycling, recycling and reclaiming old windows and doors you can build a greenhouse. Below, are 10 plus home greenhouses constructed from old doors and windows…Love this idea!!
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