The Chicken Coop


Anyone with a chicken coop in their backyard knows how hard it is to make it look pretty and in accordance with the rest of the design. The long way from ordinary and regular coops to beautifully decorated ones has been crossed by passionate people with creative ideas, like the one featured in this project. Turning your coop into a beautiful penthouse for hens will benefit not only the chickens – which will live a more stress-free life – but for your kids as well: building such a nice structure will teach them to take care after helpless creatures. Check out the bright colors and neat decorations (i.e. on the windows) to inspire you on your own DIY chicken coop design. But don’t stop here; feel free to be as creative as you want and can. Make the coop look like a real miniature home and the chickens will definitely feel the difference just as well as you.







read the story of this chicken coop here… (Trevor’s Projects)


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    What is used for underneath the bedding?

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