21 Must-Read Cleaning Tips and Tricks


A clean home shouldn’t be a massive effort. Especially during summer, when the high temperature will make any work around the home seem like a true ordeal. That’s why we thought a neat collection of tips and tricks will help you clean your house and still have enough energy to perform other activities for the day. Try some of the ideas we suggest and watch as the work volume is reduced significantly. Like cleaning the burners of the stove: instead of scrubbing them, pour a quarter of a cup of ammonia in a sealed Ziploc bag and leave the burners overnight. A quick swipe with a sponge will make them clean. Another trick people resort to when dealing with pet hair on their furniture is using a rubber glove. Also, a sprinkle of baby powder on a t-shirt’s collar and underarms before ironing will prevent sweat spots for appearing. See how easy it is to make your own citrus vinegar cleaner or how to use turtle wax to improve the cleaning of sinks and tiles. See the entire list of tips you must know if you want to have a clean home but not a tired body.


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    Great post! Even I found some very good cleaning recipes, I haven’t tried till now. As a professional cleaner, I’ve made my own cleaning routine through the last few years, and following it makes the whole process to go easier. But it’s always good to find some fresh new ideas that seem to be very efficient. Thank you for gathering all this great information in one place! Greets, Marion from hampstead-cleaners.org.uk/ 🙂

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