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Eco-Perch Tree House

The eco-PERCH concept is based on Blue Forest’s famous tree houses. It’s natural, organic geometry maximises the relationship between the inside space and the outdoor setting, ensuring the structure sits harmoniously within the landscape. This versatile accommodation unit offers guests an unrivalled experience and provides clients with a vivid resource for PR and marketing, helping to set them apart from the competition. The building sleeps 4 people and is delivered, assembled and commissioned in approximately 5 days Continue reading “Eco-Perch Tree House” »

Beautiful Holiday Retreat: Anantara Dhigu Resort in Maldives

With a beautiful views of the Indian Ocean and the possibility to take a refreshing plunge in its waters every day, Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa Maldives opens up its gates to a tropical paradise. Located just a 35 minute speedboat ride from Malé International Airport, the luxury villas making up this resort and the services offered here, ensure complete relaxation. Anantara Dhigu Maldive has a total of 110 beach villas and over water suites, a Spa and a Children’s club. If you are interested in active relaxation, the official website provide the following options: “From the moment you arrive, peer into the crystal waters below the jetty of our Maldives resort at puffer fish, sting rays and baby reef sharks. Take part Continue reading “Beautiful Holiday Retreat: Anantara Dhigu Resort in Maldives” »

Beautiful and Spectacular Garden Railway

You thought that you could have in your beautiful garden something unusual but spectacular ? Garden Railway is the best example regarding cool and amazing garden decor. Plants are usually an integral part of a garden railway, and dwarf varieties along with pruning are often used to keep them in proper proportion. Some go so far as to use bonsai techniques, however this can be very time-consuming for large areas. Buildings are also often used in a garden railway,though they too must be constructed to withstand the weather. Train stations and freight depots are popular, some even building whole towns trackside. This spectacular railway is a perfect example of what amazing things can be accomplished in a small area!
Continue reading “Beautiful and Spectacular Garden Railway” »

Containers of Hope by Benjamin Garcia Saxe

Shipping containers are in many ways an ideal building material. They are designed to carry heavy loads and to be stacked in high columns. Located in Costa Rica, somewhere outside of the city of San Jose, this project concentrates more on a communion with nature than actually building. This property is very interesting and modern, but it only takes a small amount of materials and space to function. We all tend to build vast spaces that very often are left inhabited, but this focuses more on what we actually need and don’t need. This property has a beautiful decor with modern furniture and Continue reading “Containers of Hope by Benjamin Garcia Saxe” »

Colourful Children’s Bathroom

The bathroom made for children from LAUFEN is imaginative, colourful and playful – a bathroom that children are sure to enjoy. The centrepiece of florakids is a washstand with a basin in the shape of a flower blossom, available in white, red or green. In kindergartens, several washbasins can be lined up in a series to create plenty of space to put things. To complement the washbasin, you can add ceramic shelves, Continue reading “Colourful Children’s Bathroom” »

Expandable Coffee Tables by Sculrtures Jeux

Sculrtures Jeux offers interesting dining and coffee tables for living rooms. Thanks to a practical expandable construction these small tables can be transformed into a large and very useful furniture. They stand out from other expandable tables by very creative and unusual look. Every coffee and dining table has several sliding tops, which are easy to adjust. With such models you could have a table of the size, which you need in the moment. The dining table with 4 additional sliding tops could become a perfect versatile work area and indispensable item in your kitchen. Continue reading “Expandable Coffee Tables by Sculrtures Jeux” »

Abisko Interesting Wash Basin


Abisko washbasin catches the freedom and simplicity of unspoiled mountain springs and waterfalls, inspired by the Swedish national park Abisko, probably with some of the purest water in Europe. Abisko washbasin is an appeal to care about water and awareness of the western cultures waste of natural resourses. Abisko is casted in one piece of homogeneous Cast marble. Cast marble consist of a polymeric compound of 80% Continue reading “Abisko Interesting Wash Basin” »

Outdoor Furniture Care

Outdoor furniture, also called patio furniture and garden furniture, is a type of furniture specifically designed for outdoor use. It is typically made of weather-resistant materials. Otherwise Outdoor Furniture are broken and it’s items we have a tendency to don’t need. Wood materials for Outdoor Furniture sometimes are given some style preservative throughout the assembly method. This helps make sure that the colour and quality can stay identical. However, is preferably when the weather changes to have a place where to put inside or cover it.

Luxurious AltaModa Living Room Collections

We found this really interesting interior design on Altamoda. Classic elements and modern influences are the basis of this otherwise florid design. Part of the “chic” collection, the furniture elements and decorative items are all so sparkling, that you really don’t know where to look first.
From another perspective Alta Moda is the rigor of masculinity and the freshness of femininity: the right combination for a stylish, elegant house with an eye to fashion. Required factors of living room are comfort, not persuasive appeal, the atmosphere of tranquility and harmony necessary for a Continue reading “Luxurious AltaModa Living Room Collections” »

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