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Amazing and Innovative Bookshelf

Bookshelves these days are much more than simple rectangular pieces of furniture. Wouldn’t it be great to have an innovative bookshelf that makes up for a stunning wall accessory or a beautiful piece of furniture? Let us have a sneak peek into some amazing bookshelves with innovative designs for your home. Continue reading “Amazing and Innovative Bookshelf” »

Positive and Comfortable Yellow Rooms

Let the sun’s shine in your soul and decorate your room to create a lively feeling. Yellow, a color that reminds us of the wonderful summer days, make the room look warm, attractive and provide a bright display. You could start fine with accessories such as tables, chairs, cabinets, lamp shades, cushions and throws, artwork or if you wanted to go all out on the theme, paint your walls in yellow. Of course, there are many shades to choose: from butter to lemon to Continue reading “Positive and Comfortable Yellow Rooms” »

Inspirational Recliner Chairs

In the past, recliners were uncomfortable items of furniture, often clunky. Nowadays, recliners offer a new level of comfort to any resting place or living room.
Thanks to advances in manufacturing technologies and design, recliners come in a variety of materials, are luxurious and high-end items. Rofl Benz 577 is a model of recliner that really does look at home in sleek surroundings.

Continue reading “Inspirational Recliner Chairs” »

1705 Angelo Drive | Beverly Hills

This stunning home was completely renovated in 2012. World Renowned Architect William Stephenson, also designed President Reagan’s personal residence & other celebrities homes. Located North of Sunset in a very prestigious area, blocks from the Beverly Hills Hotel. Approx 5,000 sq ft of spectacular floor plan with soaring 12foot+ ceilings. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors & windows from all rooms open to private backyard paradise with pool, Mangaris wood decking & manicured grass yard. Beautiful Terrazzo flooring flowing throughout grand open rooms. Gourmet kitchen with custom stone counter, first class Wolf & Continue reading “1705 Angelo Drive | Beverly Hills” »

Beautiful Red & White Apartment by Carola Vannini

Born in Rome, a city known for great designers who have contributed to development the architecture and design industry, Corola Vannini has studied architecture in Rome, and in other great international cities such as Paris and New York. After few years in New York, she returned to Rome and began work on his own company, Carola Vannini Architecture, which also focuses on interior design.
Her projects are always approached with a careful eye to the clients’ esthetic and functional needs, involving them in the entire Continue reading “Beautiful Red & White Apartment by Carola Vannini” »

Dream Rooms for Kids

For a child, a bedroom is a place to do schoolwork, visit with friends, play games, listen to music, rough-house, read, build models, daydream, sprawl on the floor and keep innumerable possessions. So, this room is more than just a place to sleep. You’ll need to plan carefully to create a room that serves all those functions, is comfortable and inviting.
But there is a problem with the color when creating rooms for youngsters because it can be tempting to throw on a crazy wallpaper or litter the area with oversized Continue reading “Dream Rooms for Kids” »

Amazing Gravity Balans Chair

This interesting and amazing chair is designed to give a good relaxation and comfort no matter how tired you are. The chair features four positions, to give a total relaxation in a wide range of situations.
The sloping seat allows wider space between the thigh and the upper part of the body, while the leg cushions prevent sliding forward when working at a table. When leaning back your legs will be lifted higher than your head providing you with the best position for relaxation Continue reading “Amazing Gravity Balans Chair” »

Fresh Interiors with Green Walls by Greenworks

You thought that you could have your home with green walls and fresh air all time ? Greenworks can help you, because this is one Swedish studio who created and customized indoor green walls with excellent design. From mobile plant walls to framed plant screens with lighting effects, this great idea can bring a fresh touch to your home or in a public space. According to Greenworks they works directly with interior designers, architects, event managers and stylists as well as through plant companies.
The benefits of having such a green wall? Continue reading “Fresh Interiors with Green Walls by Greenworks” »

House On Wheels – VW Transporter

The house is a place to spend time with people we love, place to live and shelter from heat and rain. A house is generally built on a parcel of land at a particular location and can not move but what do we have here? A Car House! The company Overlander Motorhomes makes this car at the motor home, thanks to the device DoubleBack. This model is the proof that VW Transporter is a legend, because the engineers have decided that even such a volume as this vehicle should be able to grow in size. Continue reading “House On Wheels – VW Transporter” »

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