DIY Chocolate Christmas Balls

Making a Chocolate Candy Ornament is one thing that should make your holiday a bit more tasteful. Even though this DIY project is not edible, it will still look awesome hanging from the window or even in the Christmas tree. The process is fairly easy but you have to pay attention ...

DIY Mushroom House

This is a nice handmade decoration out of plaster. The technique is rather simple and it depends on you to give it that fairytale/natural aspect with a paintbrush. In order to make this DIY mushroom house, you will need:

DIY Sock Snake

Making use of old pieces of clothes is a tricky job, even for DIY practitioners. There is a limit on how many teddy bears and stuffed little Santas you can fashion. In the often cases you ended up with a bunch of mis-matched socks, you could make one cute snake. To manufacture this ...

DIY Paper Dahlia Wreath

For those of you who don’t like winter and would like to bring back the spirit of spring in their homes, there is a way which makes this possible. You can make some nice paper decorations that look like flowers and they will remind you of spring and its colorfulness.

DIY Glittered Christmas Light Bulb Ornaments

Making unique designs, especially for the holidays, is a real challenge that unfortunately most of us don’t even try to participate in, in order to win it. Trees, ornaments, garlands, they all are highly used mediums for peoples’ creativity, bringing the world a bunch of great ...

DIY Easy Pinecone Wreath

The holidays are practically knocking at the door. Decorating the home in a joyful spirit is a hard task, but one that will surely reward you with praises. Create a great atmosphere around your entire house with some Christmas DIY projects. How about an almost free garland or

DIY Penguin Light Bulbs

Ordinary decorations for the holiday are growing dull with every year? If you think the DIY projects out there seem a bit complex for your taste and skills, try this much simpler and creative design. At the end of this tutorial, you will know how to make Christmas decorations with ...

Beautiful Christmas Garland out of PET Bottles

Have a beautiful Christmas wreath out of PET bottles via your own hands. Take some unused PET bottles and start making a beautiful handmade decoration for this year’s holiday. At the end, your home will look wonderfully ready for Christmas and the environment will thank you as well!

Christmas Mug Sweater Made Out Of A Sock

What do windows, doors, living rooms and mugs have in common? The answer is: a Christmas wardrobe during the holidays. Everybody is accustomed to decorating their living rooms
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