Lemon Chocolate Cake

Here is a delicious recipe for chocolate and lemon cake, which will make you want to go instantly to the kitchen and start preparing it. You will need for it: 1 package of cookies 2 spoons (soup) margarine

DIY Flower Ball Bouquet

This is a great DIY project that could easily be adapted to suit any season or decor just by switching out the flowers. You’ll need: candlestick (here), styrofoam ball (here), silk flowers, craft glue of your choice and ribbon.

Formula to Stretch Tight Shoes

We know how uncomfortable tight shoes can be, so we found a great trick, that will help you solve this problem. You will need a hairdryer, a pair of socks and your tight shoes. Put on a very thick pair of socks (you can put on more than one pair if you want) and try to fit your feet ...

Clever Laundry Accessories Organizer- Fits Between Washer & Dryer

This great laundry organizer will help you keep your things in order in the bathroom. It can be placed between the washing machine and the dryer and you can keep your detergent and fabric softener neat and organized. As it doesn’t require a lot of space, it is suitable for any ...

Crochet Boots and Slippers

How about these lovely crochet boots ? These are inspired by the traditional Russian Pavlovsky Posad shawls! These gorgeous boots are hand crocheted and hand stitched to a steady rubber sole, with felt inner sole for more comfort.

Clean Grout Lines Using Chemical-Free Products

Clean grout lines using harmless, chemical-free products.. all you’ll need is: 7 cups water, 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/3 cup lemon juice, 1/2 cup baking soda. Mix all four ingredients in a bucket or bowl. Scrub the grout with a small scrub brush or toothbrush, wiping off

Hedgehog Rolls

Not so long ago, I shared some animal-shaped recipes like Panda Bread, Hot Dog in a Dog, and Sparrow Shape Croissants. Now it’s time for you to admire how lovely does a hedgehog look… in the kitchen. This roll, made of bread dough, with little creation, may look like a ...

DIY String Map Art

This next art project, involves the creation of string art and can be a nice decoration in your home. You can hang it on the wall or just place it on a shelf, it will look good in both ways. You will need a wooden board, we used a 12” x 12” one. Then you will need paint, small ...

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cupcake

What we have for you today is a recipe of delicious peanut butter cupcakes. It will take you 1 hour to make them, which includes the preparation process too, and the result will be amazing.
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