Teacher Missed Her Students So She Knit 23 Adorable Dolls to Represent Each of Them

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many to spend time apart from their loved ones, and the lockdowns have forced people to reconsider their relationships. Parents and children have been both affected, and teachers have also felt the negative aspects the pandemic has brought in their

Cherry Blossom Tree Made From Over 800,000 LEGO Bricks Breaks Guinness World Record

Cherry blossom trees are the iconic trees of Japan, and there are several festivals held each year where people go to celebrate the blossoming of these beautiful flowers.

Make a kitchen island using CRATES!

This is the most unique Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Island you will find on Etsy, online or in any store. It is handmade completely from solid wood and is very sturdy. This design and it has been Featured on the HGTV webpage among other places. This Kitchen Island is made completely ...

Giant Suspended “Chandelier” Collects Rainwater in a Forest

The relationship between man and nature has always been a central motive in art, and John Grade’s giant installations explore this topic as well. His latest work is called Reservoir and is an ode to natural ecosystems and phenomena.

Artist Releases DIY Crochet Pattern for a Very Realistic Bearded Dragon

This is realistic crochet bearded dragon. This amigurumi dragon is beautiful and the instructions are very well written and easy to follow. Tutorial has pictures and VIDEO lessons for the difficult moments and decoration. This is available in the link below…

Artist Cuts Elaborate Designs With Astounding Details From Single Sheets of Paper

Paper is such a great crafts supply and a very versatile medium that is used by many artists. It is hard to see potential in a simple white sheet of paper, but Pippa Dyrlaga is an artist who recognized the infinite number of possibilities. Dyrlaga, an artist based in Yorkshire, England, ...

Wool Ceramic Mug

This mug is for all the knit lovers out there! It’s hand-shaped to give it a wool texture. It’s cute, beautiful, and the perfect gift for the holidays! These are available in the link below…

Crochet Cow With Calf Pattern

With this design, the adult cow’s body has an internal pocket which opens to reveal the baby calf inside! This pattern is available in the link below…

Over 83,500 Vintage Sewing Patterns Are Now Available Online

Good sewing patterns are not easy to find, but the Internet is a great resource when you are in search of something very specific. Now you can have access to a great online collection of vintage sewing patterns, some that are even 25 years old.
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