How to Carve a Simple VW Camper Van Pumpkin

Halloween is right around the corner, and whether you’re planning to celebrate indoors or outside, an easy way to get into the holiday spirit is to take on a pumpkin-carving challenge.

This Jet Engine Camper Took Over Six Years and 1,000 Hours to Build

People have converted lots of objects into houses, from grain silos to cars and even containers, but this next transformation is even more ambitious. Jones, who is an aerospace mechanic, has been working on something very special for over the last 6 years and he invested 1000 hours ...

Rare Factory Camper: 1977 Chevrolet Blazer Chalet

This particular 1977 example was recently up for sale through Masterpiece Vintage Cars in Indiana. For $29,000, the unique SUV was just purchased in time for the summer. The price was right, especially when factoring in the fact that GM only built 1,800 units during its two-year production ...

This Happy Camper Playhouse Is Adorable

Camping has been an all American tradition for more than the last century. Whether we took a camper, RV or just the family station wagon or van, many of us can relate to roughing it out with the family, for better or for worse at some point in our past. I though that I would have ...

DIY Camper Van Conversion From Start To Finish

Life in a van can be more pleasant than it sounds at a first, but everything depends on your creativity. If you like to be on the road constantly, work remotely and travel a lot, then investing in a home on wheels might be the right choice.

This $1.7 million camper van built on a Ford F-750 can sleep 6 people and go off-road in any season — see inside

Maybe If you buy a lottery ticket, you at least have a chance of owning one. EarthRoamer created a $1.7 million tiny home built on a four-wheel-drive Ford F-750 chassis. EarthRoamer specializes in producing expedition vehicles that counter the idea of a “traditional RV lifestyle” ...

How To Build Your Truck Camper

If you love camping but wish to have a bit more comfort then a tent can offer you, it might be time to start building a truck camper. A mobile camper is a great way to enjoy a good night’s sleep, have enough mobility and change camping places whenever you feel like.

This is a Fully Solar Powered Electric 1973 VW Bus Camper

It is becoming clear that electric cars are the future, so this means that building electric campers should also be a priority. Brett Belan and his wife, Kira are both camping enthusiasts who also try to live a sustainable life. So, when they bought their VW bus, they instantly started ...

Motorcycle Sidecar Camper

With Motorcycle Camping Sidecars and Motorcycle Camper Trailers you can Explore the World. How would you like to travel?
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