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A Smart Storage Solution For Any Kitchen or Workshop


In some cases the shelves you have in your kitchen are not enough as a deposit space and some of the jars may be left outside. An efficient solution would be to add another shelf below the ones you’ve already had installed. Just like in the image. In order to mount the lid you will need 3 wood screws, just to be Continue reading “A Smart Storage Solution For Any Kitchen or Workshop” »

Perivolas Oia Santorini Combines Amazing Views With the Luxury of Absolute Tranquillity


Have you ever thought of spending a luxurious vacation at the seaside but you just didn’t find the perfect location? Well, then fear no more, because we found it for you. It is called Perivolas Oia Santorini and it’s the perfect resort ever. Santorini, Greece is a popular tourist attraction, but here, at the Perivolas Oia resort, you will find the peace and the relaxation you were looking for. Continue reading “Perivolas Oia Santorini Combines Amazing Views With the Luxury of Absolute Tranquillity” »

20+ Outdoor Beds That Offer Pleasure, Comfort And Style


As it is still summer and the weather is more than fine, what can be better than relaxing outside and enjoying a fine summer day? We have the answer: relaxing outside on a bed. These beds, created to be used outside, are a bit different from the beds we use in our bedrooms, as they ca have some special features and can be made from different materials so the outside weather won’t cause any damage to them. Continue reading “20+ Outdoor Beds That Offer Pleasure, Comfort And Style” »

Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Stuffed Banana Bites


If you want to prepare something original so to impress your friends, Don’t wait! … try this tasty recipe! No need to be tasted to know if they are delicious, it is enough just to see what they contain and you’ll get convinced. They are also a good treat for kids – filled with healthy ingredients, disguised as a dessert!

Continue reading “Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Stuffed Banana Bites” »

Stunning House With Modern Design in Burlingame, CA


This stunning house is the perfect exemple of how modern design can mix with functionability. The residence is situated in Burlingame, California and it is amazing how different materials have been combined in the making of this house and resulted in something great. Continue reading “Stunning House With Modern Design in Burlingame, CA” »

DIY Eco Bath Rug [video]


It is quite easy to do: simply cut the size you want your rug be and cut flaps into strips of the same size roughly. This is one of those arts that can be done even by your kids (when it comes to tying, not cutting!). Check out Michelle Kaufmann’s ‘s video – she explains and shows step-by-step the whole process, so Continue reading “DIY Eco Bath Rug ” »

Delicious Pizza Roses


We came up again with a creative recipe like Rose Rolls from Fauzia M. Afif because are really good. These creative pizza roses are perfect for when you have guests. We guarantee that they will remain pleasantly surprised, as they are so delicious especially when warm!

Continue reading “Delicious Pizza Roses” »

The Luxury Miribanda House in Sao Paulo, Brazil


This next luxurious home is called the Mirindiba House and it was desisgned by Marcio Kogan and his team of talented architects. Besides the amazing concept behind the house, its design also incorporates highly functional elements. The materials used in the interior decoration are also combined greatly, Continue reading “The Luxury Miribanda House in Sao Paulo, Brazil” »

DIY Project: Homemade Plastic Cup Lamp


Lights are an important feature for most of the rooms in the house. If you liked to create your very own lamps and lampshades, you would find a huge resource of creative ideas on this page. Continue reading “DIY Project: Homemade Plastic Cup Lamp” »

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